Advance 34RST 34D Walk-Behind Scrubber -310 AH, Debris Catch

Advance 34RST 34D Walk-Behind Scrubber -310 AH, Debris Catch

Item # AD56315907

  • The 34", low profile scrub deck is made of high strength steel and is designed to be more durable and to take the punishment and daily use and abuse.
  • Scrub head: Disc, Scrub path: 34"; Brush size: 17"
  • Brush speed: 220 rpm; Squeegee width: 41.9"
  • (6) 310 AH, Shelf charger, Debris catch cage, Nylon brushes
34", 310 AH, Debris Catch Cage, ea
Manufacturers Item #56315907

Built contractor grade tough for daily use by building service contractors in the retail, healthcare, and education markets. The 34" cleaning path and 30 gallon solution and recovery tanks to provide extended cleaning time with fewer dumps and refill cycles. An ergonomic, durable handle uses reliable and simple to use palm switches. One-Touch[TM] scrubbing. Push a single green button to start scrubbing and the red on e to stop scrubbing.

(6) 310 AH, Shelf charger, Debris catch cage, Nylon brushes.


  • A standard 42" Ultra-Flow squeegee with a wide swing will easily maneuver through cashier areas with 100% water pick up on tight turns.
  • Large batteries with up to 250 pounds of down pressure will provide the power needed for deep scrub and recoat in high traffic areas.
  • Rear solution fill for simultaneous dump and refill.
  • Large recovery tank opening eases clean-out.
  • Large 30 gallon solution and recovery tanks are made from heavy-duty polyethylene.
  • Front shroud is no-tools removable for access to scrub motors.


  • Scrub Motors: (2)0.75 hp
  • Vacuum Motor: 0.75 hp, 3-stage
  • Drive System: 0.5 hp variable forward and reverse, max speed = 3 mph
  • Drive Wheels: (2) 13" dia. Foam-filled, gray non-marking.
  • Max Productivity @ 3 mph: 44,880 ft2/hr
  • Max Productivity @ 1.5 mph: 22,440 ft2/hr
  • Solution Flow Rate: Regular scrub: 0.30 gal/min or 100 minutes per solution tank; Heavy scrub: 0.60 gal/min or 50 minutes per solution tank; Extreme scrub: 0.90 gal/min or 33 minutes per solution tank
  • Scrub Pressure: Regular scrub: max 90 lb.; Heavy scrub: max 175 lb.; Extreme scrub: max 250 lb.
  • Solution Control: Pulse control gravity feed
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