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Pre-Owned, Demo and Refurbished Janitorial Equipment in Baltimore


Pre-Owned, Demo and Refurbished Floor Cleaning Equipment – A Close Second to Brand New.

Used extractor for sale - BaltimoreAll our Pre-owned and Demo machines are inspected and refurbished in our Service Center by our experienced technicians. These machines are guaranteed to perform, because they were refurbished with pride and that is why we include a warranty. Battery operated machines are issued with a 90-day warranty for both parts and labor. Cord electric machines are issued with a 30-day warranty for both parts and labor.

Our Service Center has been repairing cleaning equipment for over 60 years, and our refurbishing process addresses every aspect of the machine. We inspect machines inside and out to make sure every single component is operating correctly. You will receive a machine that not only performs great, but also looks good. Equipment listed on our website has already been refurbished and is ready for sale. For more details and pictures about any machine listed, please contact our Service Center.


Fitch Co guarantees that refurbished machines will come in working condition with brand new batteries & wearable parts. If the machine fails within the warranty period, Fitch Co will follow the manufacturer's warranty guidelines and will help to resolve any issues! Please understand that wearable parts are not covered under warranty.

We can refurbish your own machine as well!

If you own a used floor cleaning machine that you would like to have refurbished, we can help! Fitch Co will perform a complete refurbishment process on your equipment so that you end up with machine that works well and saves you money by extending the life of your machine.

How do we do it?

A complete refurbishment of the machine begins with the purchase of a used or neglected unit. Before any work begins, Fitch Co performs tests and inspects the unit to determine what needs to be done. We address the performance and the overall condition of the machine.

With the Fitch Co reputation and warranty on the line, we make sure that bushings and bearings are checked, brushes in the electric motors are evaluated, and the solution system is inspected and resealed. These potential hidden problems are best taken care of while they are easy to get to. Replaced parts include gaskets, vacuum hoses, brushes, brooms, blades, weathered solution hoses, filters, decals, and touch up paint, and so much more.

After the unit is thoroughly tested, the refurbished floor cleaning equipment is ready for pick up, delivery on a shipping pallet, or on our own truck.

You can count on a standard that involves lots of new parts, a lot of man hours and lots of pride when you take delivery. We may not always be the lowest price, but we are the lowest cost when you consider you have our knowledge of best purchase options, our comprehensive inspection, detailed refurbishment and warranty. Our customers value our expertise!

convertamax 26 used

Type: Walk Behind AutoScrubber

Make: Advance

Model: Convertamax 26

Item ID: UM1792848

Year: 2004

Warranty: 3 months parts & labor

Notes: 26 inch disk deck, 599 hr, shelf charger


walk behind nobles scrubber

Type: Walk Behind AutoScrubber

Make: Nobles

Model: Speed Scrub SS5-700

Item ID: UM10562364

Year: N/A

Warranty: 3 months parts & labor

Notes: 28 inch disk deck, onboard charger, 255hr


nobles ss5 800

Type: Walk Behind AutoScrubber

Make: Nobles

Model: Speed Scrub SS5-800

Item ID: UM10684166

Year: N/A

Warranty: 3 months parts & labor

Notes: 32 inch disk deck, onboard charger, 553hr


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tennant 2370

Type: Cord Electric Burnisher

Make: Tennant

Model: 2370

Item ID: UM10412475

Year: n/a

Warranty: 1 month parts & labor

Notes: 20", 2000 rpms, Dust Collection


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box extractor

Type: Heated box carpet extractor

Make: Advance

Model: ET600-400H

Item ID: DMAD56105278

Year: 2013

Warranty: 3 month parts & labor

Notes: Pressure adjustable with max of 400 psi, Heated unit, Aquawand, Dual cords


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Pre-owned pressure washer for sale


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Type: Battery sweeper

Make: Advance

Model: Terra 28B

Item ID: UM3510133406240

Year: 2013

Warranty: 3 months parts & labor

Notes: 28 inch cleaning path


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Used vacuum for sale


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Used janitorial equipment for sale


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