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Why Customers Buy From FITCH CO.

Customers choose FITCH CO for their facility maintenance needs for a number of reasons ... reasons that set us apart from all other janitorial supply distributors in the region:

  1. Fitch Co is a member of ProLink, with purchasing power over $500 million annually, tests and chooses the top manufacturers to make the largest private label in the country.
  2. Fitch Co has over 119 years of experience in teaching Cleaning Best Practices.
  3. Fitch Co’s Service Center has repaired over 70 brands and types of equipment and Fitch Co is the largest Manufacturer AAA rated service center in this region.
  4. All Fitch Co Sales Representatives and Customer Service Representatives are certified in 24 custodial training programs and have used this knowledge to help our customers.
  5. Fitch Co experienced trainers have college degrees as teachers and we have a teacher with a Special Education Degree on staff.
  6. Our CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standards) certified trainer, creator of "10 Steps to Going Green," has trained over 90 companies in the past two years. Fitch Co's CITS (Cleaning Industry Training Standards) certified trainer, recognized by the ISSA, has helped customers offer their employees Cleaning Task and Safety Certification which helped workers and supervisors understand the importance of their jobs.
  7. Fitch Co’s entire Sales Team, certified in Forbo Floor Cleaning and Maintenance have helped our customers keep their Forbo Product Warranty and floors in good shape and standing.
  8. In the past four years, Fitch Co has done more than 50 hours per month of in field training for our customers.
  9. In the past few years, Fitch Co has helped customers stay OSHA Compliant, saving them thousands of dollars in fines.
  10. Fitch Co’s building is in a federally recognized Hubzone and over 35% of Fitch Co employees come from Hubzone designated areas.
  11. Fitch Co has been a recognized WBE and LDBE certified by MDOT, the City of Baltimore, the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority and the State of VA since July 1998.
  12. Fitch Co has successfully instituted and run Vendor Managed Inventory for over six years, which has helped to control inventory costs for those customers.
  13. For over 8 years, Fitch Co has represented the only certified CO2 neutral cleaning chemical manufacturing company, Genesan. A 3rd party determines how much they pay to reforest or to buy new smokeless cook stoves in Africa. See the video at www.cleanereasier.com/sustainability.

    "We Make People and Buildings Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer in Every Place We Touch"

    Topmost Chemical staff

ISSA member

LDBE - Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority - Woman-Owned Business Certification
Women's Business Enterprise
Woman-Owned Business Certification
Certified by Maryland Dept. of Transportation
Maryland Department of Transportation Certification for Woman-Owned Business
certified by State of VA
US Small Business Administration program for small companies that operate and employ people in Historically Underutilized Business Zones
Pro-Link distributor
Recognized by the State of Virginia as a Woman-Owned Business

Definition of a "Triple A" Service Center

To be a Triple "A" rated Service Center, the Service Center must:
  1. Have a Parts Manager.
  2. Have a Service Center Manager.
  3. Be certified by a large machine manufacturing company.
  4. Be approved to do warranty for many manufacturers.
  5. Be able to do installations of equipment on behalf of a manufacturer.
  6. Maintain the correct amount of parts sales to labor sales. Too many or too little is not acceptable.
  7. Maintain proper safety standards and lighting in service areas.
  8. Have uniformed technicians.
  9. Be able to perform roadwork.
  10. Have Service Technicians trained and certified by major machine manufacturers.